"Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen." University of Rochester '18 ❤

Five Things I Didn’t Love About This Week

1. It’s Spring Break and I’ve been sick for the entire time

2. I was supposed to actually do stuff and all I’ve done is sit in my bed using up tissues while drinking tea and eating soup watching Friends, Castle, and the Newsroom

3. I haven’t practiced flute for a solid 2 weeks and I have a lesson in about 3 hours

4. It hurts to move

5. I think I’m going to throw up 

Five Things I Love This Week

1. It’s my birthday

2. It’s my birthday

3. It’s my birthday

4. It’s my birthday

5. It’s my birthday 

Five Things I Love This Week

1. winter break is coming up and we’re going Vegas!

2.  MACKLEMORE. All his songs especially “Same Love” and “And We Danced”

3. the fact that I can’t fit into shorts from summer. NOT. 

4. my family, who are always there to support me and to believe in me when I have no confidence or belief in myself 

5. my friends, they’re always there to lift me back up when I fall down 

Five Things I Love This Week

1. dried mango & concord grapes (so yummy in my tummy)

2. going to the zoo for a Latin field trip (swimming otters are so cute!)

3. no school on Columbus Day!

4. The Scientist - Coldplay (and the one covered by Glee)

5. Ed Sheeran. Let’s be honest, I’ve loved Ed every day, every week since last summer with “The A Team” 

Five Things I Love About This Week

1. We had Wednesday off (I’d like to thank the Jewish for allowing me to sleep all day)


3. The rush that I get when attempting to find a dress on the day of homecoming 😝


5. European house music.

Five Things I Love This Week

1. Live While We’re Young -One Direction


3. Re-watching all the old Harry Potter films and reminiscing about the good old days

4. When your Mac refuses to work, keys won’t work and trackpad flips out and safari will randomly quit. JK. I HATE IT.

5. Using the above as an excuse to go to the mall 😋

Five Things I Love This Week

1. Ma Cherie - DJ Antoine 

2. Thriftshop - Wacklemore

3. Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift

4. Lounging around the house in loose shirts and leggings


Five Things I Love This Week

1. incorporating words like jank/hella into my vocabulary. even though wicked is the preferred east coast term…i feel like a traitor….sorry not sorry 

2. peaches 

3. friend’s sweet sixteen tomorrow, and it’s monte carlo themed! so excited :D

4. school starts on Tuesday! I’m excited to go back and see everyone and to actually feel the need to get in the morning and make myself presentable 

5. the market peach candle scent from bath and body works (linking back to my peach love) 

five things I love this week

1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift. 254 listens in a week BOOYAH

2. this vintagey cream Ralph Lauren sweater I found in my mom’s closet that’s perfectly slouchy

3. Russian rap. The Russians at camp listened to it, and I’m addicted. I have no idea what they’re saying but the beat/melody is awesome.

4. Royal Pains. I just starting getting into it and finished the first season last night. #whatidoonfridaynights

5. Toblerone. 

five things I love this week

1. the good kind of sore feeling that you get after an intense tennis sesh

2. taking naps on our trampoline

3. whatsapp. because it lets me text all my euros  

4. Some Nights - fun. (i’m obsessed, it’s constantly on loop)

5. that exciting feeling that you get when you realize that you actually have plans for the weekend.

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